12 Different Black and White Cat Breeds

Cats are one of the most beloved pets around the world, and they come in a variety of breeds, each with its own unique characteristics, appearance, and temperament.

Here are some cat breeds that are known for their black-and-white coloration:

1. Manx: While they come in various colors, many Manx cats are black and white. They are known for their taillessness or short tails.

2. Scottish Fold: Known for their unique folded ears, Scottish Folds can come in a black and white color pattern.

3. American Shorthair: The American Shorthair cat is known for its friendly demeanor, robust health, and distinctive round face with a short, dense coat. This breed comes in a variety of colors and patterns, including black and white.

4. British Shorthair: Like the American Shorthair, the British Shorthair can also be found in a black and white color pattern.

5. Tuxedo Cats: Technically not a breed, but a color pattern. Many breeds can have tuxedo-colored individuals. They are predominantly black with white markings, often resembling a formal tuxedo.

6. Cornish Rex: The Cornish Rex cat is distinguished by its soft, wavy coat and playful, energetic nature. Known for their curly fur, the Cornish Rex can also be found in black and white.

7. Norwegian Forest Cat: This Cat is a robust and sturdy breed with a thick, water-resistant coat, adapted to the cold climates of its native Scandinavia. This fluffy breed can come in a variety of colors, including black and white.

8. Maine Coon: One of the largest domesticated cat breeds, Maine Coons can be black and white.

9. Turkish Van: Often referred to as the “swimming cat,” the Turkish Van is predominantly white with color markings on the head and tail, often in black.

10. Oriental Shorthair: This breed can come in a variety of colors, including a striking black-and-white pattern.

11. Munchkin: Known for their short legs, Munchkins can also be found in a black-and-white color pattern.

12. Persian: The Persian cat is renowned for its long, luxurious coat, round face, and gentle disposition. While they are often associated with long, fluffy fur of a single color, Persians can also be black and white. 

It’s important to note that many cat breeds can come in a variety of colors and patterns, including black and white. 

The coloration often depends on genetics and breeding. If you’re interested in a specific breed, it’s always a good idea to research or consult with breeders to understand the range of colors and patterns that can be expected.

How Can I Tell What Breed My Cat Is?

To determine what type of breed your cat is, you should look for the following physical characteristics.

Fur Length and Texture: Some breeds have distinct fur types, such as the curly fur of the Cornish Rex or the long, silky fur of the Maine Coon.

Color and Patterns: While many colors and patterns can be found in multiple breeds, some are more prevalent in certain breeds.

Eye Shape and Color: Breeds like the Siamese are known for their striking blue almond-shaped eyes.

Body Shape: Some breeds have distinct body shapes, like the stocky build of the British Shorthair or the slender elegance of the Oriental Shorthair.

Facial Features: The flat face of the Persian or the prominent cheekbones of the Russian Blue can be distinguishing features.

Tail: The Manx is known for its lack of tail, while the Maine Coon’s tail is long and bushy.

Behavior and Temperament: Some breeds have characteristic behaviors. For instance, Siamese cats are known for being vocal, while Ragdolls are often relaxed and docile.

If you picked up your cat from a breeder, they should provide you with information about the breed. If you adopted your cat, the shelter or rescue might have some insights based on the cat’s history or previous owners.

There are DNA tests available for cats, similar to those for humans and dogs. These tests can provide insights into your cat’s breed and ancestry.

Lastly, you can consult with your vet. 

Your vet might be able to provide some insights based on their knowledge and experience.


There are many books and websites dedicated to cat breeds. By comparing your cat’s features to descriptions and photos, you might be able to identify a breed or mix.

Also keep in mind that many cats are mixed breeds, so they might not fit perfectly into any one breed category. The most important thing is to love and care for your feline friend, regardless of their breed!

How Rare is a Black and White Cat?

Black and white cats, commonly known as “tuxedo cats” due to their resemblance to formal attire, are not particularly rare. Their distinct coloration arises from a combination of genes responsible for black fur and the white spotting gene, which produces white patches. 

This genetic interplay results in various patterns, including the tuxedo. Thus, while they are unique and charming, tuxedo cats are relatively common in the feline world.

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