How to Keep Finicky Fiddle-leaf Figs Happy and Healthy

The Fiddle-leaf Fig plant or Ficus Lyrata is a hungry hungry plant! They have deep roots and large leaves that can give you plenty of attention. These plants grow quickly if you are in the correct season, giving it proper nutrition, and making sure that you are not overdoing it. Let’s break down those three tenants of Fiddle-leaf Fig care.

Fiddle-leaf Fig Season

Fiddle-leaf figs grow most heartily in the spring and summer. Like most houseplants the Ficus Lyrata thrives when there is diffused sunlight coming through near windows. They can benefit from humidity indoors too. Some people who really love their plants put a small humidifier near its pot so that the leaves can be as comfortable as possible. If you don’t want to go that far, making sure your plant has enough sunlight and water to survive in all seasons is a good place to start. 

Caring for your Fiddle-leaf Fig

Fiddle-leaf figs are pretty touchy. Unfortunately it doesn’t take a ton of work to kill one (although, we’ll give you a solution to that later). 

If their soil is too wet or dry, it will die. 

If the plant is placed by an air vent that creates a draft, it will die. 

If the plant is exposed to too much or too little sun it will die. 

So what is the right ratio of water, fertilizer, soil, and sun? 

  • Watering schedule depends on the size of your plant. Make sure to water the plant HEAVILY, but not in the way you think. When watering, make sure you water it so much that the pot itself becomes heavy. Then you wait until the pot is light again (the water is absorbed)
  • To help boost your plant’s immunity from things like too much sun or too much wind, take a damp cloth and wipe down the leaves of your plant every once in a while. It can really help with the plant’s acclimation to the humidity level in your home. 
  • Check out your soil options. The best kinds are soilless and well draining. Just ask your local hardware store or gardening experts for their preferred brand.

If you follow the steps above, make sure that your plant is positioned in a good place in your home, water it intensely, and make sure that you relax! The Fiddle-leaf Ficus is a beautiful plant. Good luck taking care of it and enjoy. 

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Written By Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas is a Master Gardener who edits and writes content for websites and magazines. Over the past two decades, she has been writing for The Doorstep about houseplants and indoor gardening. Since she started writing about plants, Sarah has been collecting rare and tropical plants. The Berkshire Botanical Garden awarded Sarah a certificate in horticulture in 2017.

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