How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Got pigeons? No problem. Here are some ways to keep them away from your house for good.

But first, why do you have pigeons?

Most people believe the pigeon to be a simple bird, and they aren’t wrong. However, pigeons are meticulous about their location when it comes to nesting.

Roofs, bridges, and balconies are the ideal home environment for a pigeon to grow their families. This is the most common reason for having pigeons.

Another attractor of pigeons is trash and food. Pigeons love to munch on crumbs and your trash allows them to do just that.

It should be known that pigeons aren’t the cleanest birds either. A dirty, or cluttered, area will be a beacon for not just pigeons but most likely other pests too.

So, How Do You Get Rid of Pigeons?

The most obvious solution would be getting professional help. Calling an exterminator is a safe choice that can almost guarantee results right away. However, getting a professional to take care of your unwanted guest may cost you a pretty penny.

One thing to remember is that an exterminator is a professional that has been trained to get rid of many types of pests. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to tackle this project on your own, then this may be the best option for you.

How Do I Get Rid Of Pigeons Naturally?

This may be the most obvious solution to your problem, but scaring the pigeons off is an effective method. If you’ve got the guts, by all means go out and show those pigeons who’s boss.

Remember, when trying to get rid of pests, consistency and the is key. Going out to scare them one time is not going to be enough – it might take a few attempts!

Want to Keep the Other Birds but Not the Pigeons?

This may be tricky. Pigeons are not the most courteous neighbors, and can be extremely dirty. They can be quite the problem if given all the right opportunities.

Pigeons love to eat more than anything and will find a way to do so.

Pigeons are known to bully smaller birds when it comes to getting their share of bird food. Additionally, feeding other birds will attract pigeons if you’re not careful.

Another common suggestion is creating some sort of barrier for the birds – or investing in a specific birdhouse that caters to smaller birds.

If this doesn’t work, try mothballs. Pigeons hate mothballs. Place some mothballs near your bird food and your problem should be solved.

It’s also important you keep the area beneath the bird feeder clean, so the pigeons can’t fly down and munch on the leftovers. Weekly cleaning is important!

Keeping the Pigeons of Your Balcony

If you have a pigeon problem, chances are you’ll be having issues with them on your balcony or roof.

This can be incredibly damaging, as their waste is acidic and can damage the surface. In order to get them off your roof or balcony, you need to take preventative measures that will deter them before they arrive.

One of the best ways to ensure pigeons don’t flock to your balcony is by getting some bird spikes.

Bird spikes will give the pigeon a nice poke each time they try to land on your balcony.

For some, that can be hard to do. If your moral compass doesn’t want to poke pigeons, then reflective tape might be for you. The reflective tape works as a visual deterrent and can confuse the pigeons. Be sure to rotate your tape location so that you keep the pigeons away.

Home Remedies That Get Rid of Pigeons

Want to do a DIY extermination? I’ve got you covered. Here are some cheap and easy home remedies to consider:

●      Going back to smells that pigeons hate; cinnamons and chili peppers should do the trick. Mix those in with some vinegar and spray it near their nest. Which chili pepper you pick doesn’t matter and this is fairly cheap.

●      Building off the reflective tape method, old CDs can get the job done, too. This is a cuter, quirkier way to keep the pigeons away. You can hang them around your house and the light from the sun will deter the pigeons.

●      Get some pots and pans to make some noise. Pigeons despise loud noises as much as they do strong smells. If you can find their nest or an area where they congregate frequently, would be more effective.

●      Pigeons don’t like being sticky. Honey is a great way to keep pigeons off ledges and balconies. Get some honey and water, mix them together and put it in a spray bottle. That should stop pigeons from landing on your ledge or balcony.

Again, remember that consistency is important when trying to eradicate pests from your homes. Make sure you incorporate these methods in your everyday cleaning to keep your home is pigeon free.

Of course, no method is foolproof, so you may have to get creative. But hopefully these are good places to start. Best of luck with your pigeon problem!

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Written By Fitzwilliam Marty

Fitzwilliam is a highly experienced residential pest control expert and part-time writer with The Doorstep with over 15 years of industry experience. He is a certified professional who has helped countless homeowners get rid of unwanted pests from their homes. Fitz has a passion for safe and eco-friendly pest control methods that are not harmful to animals or the environment. His expertise includes handling common household pests such as ants, termites, rodents, bed bugs, and more.

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