Bathroom Home Improvement Design Ideas

It goes without saying – the bathroom is a personal space for relaxing, getting ready for the day, and taking care of yourself.

That’s why bathroom improvements are often exciting and can have a direct impact on your daily happiness. 

Whether you’re looking to personalize or optimize your bathroom space..

There are several ways you can improve your bathroom on a budget. 

Let’s take a look at a few options.

Change up the Lighting

Lighting can be a make-or-break factor for any space, and the bathroom is no different. Some people prefer lower lighting to enhance relaxation, while others need brighter lighting to help style their hair and makeup. 

Changing up the light fixtures has an impact on the level/color of light and the overall emotion of the room. Additionally, adding windows can be a considerable improvement as they bring in all of the natural light in the morning or afternoon. 

It’s recommended to have a set of both bright and low lighting so that you can use each as needed.

For example..

LED strip lights placed under the cabinets work great as nightlights.

Swap out the Fixtures

Updating your bathroom fixtures can also feel like a breath of fresh air. This can include: 

  • The faucets and drains in the sinks.
  • The handles on the shower. 
  • And the knobs on the cabinets and drawers. 

It’s good to update these every few years to stay on top of the latest interior design trends. 

Most people prefer to keep these in neutral tones, but you also have the option to mix and match materials or styles according to your own taste.

Install Heated Flooring

There’s nothing that takes an average bathroom to the next level like heated flooring, especially if you live in a region with a colder climate. Heated floors aren’t too expensive and they can actually add value to your home (and reduce energy costs)!

They work by heating up wires installed underneath the floor panels and are more efficient than using a central heating system. Bathroom tiles can be so cold in the winter, as heated flooring is probably the most physically pleasant upgrade you could make. 

Replace the Shower Tile

Another way to improve a bathroom is by swapping out your tile for something new. The shower tile is an important part of the overall experience as it acts not just as a visual element but as a tactile element as well. 

You could also add tile to other parts of the bathroom that may not currently feature it, such as in the sink basins or as a backsplash behind the bathroom mirror. Neutral tones and matte materials like stone tend to be popular options, but a splash of bright color can be a welcoming enhancement. 

For the artistically inclined, consider a custom mosaic tile set for your shower. These beautiful pieces can set your bathroom apart from any other, giving you a truly beautiful and personal experience.

Add New Storage

Adequate storage is super important for making sure the user has access to all the bathroom supplies they need, such as towels, toiletries, and extra toilet paper. 

Installing a new receding cabinet can offer additional space for smaller items such as toothbrushes or medicine.

Storage in the shower is a must!

Purchase a tasteful shower caddy that holds your soaps, cleansers, shower cap, and more just within arm’s reach. 

Remodeling the cabinetry is another option.

Hanging cabinets and racks can offer additional storage for towels and toiletries. Taller and longer cabinets can even offer space for a hidden trash can and cleaning products to keep the bathroom clean, organized, and ready to use. 

Remodel the Shower

A new shower can turn your everyday routine into a restoring experience. Choosing a new showerhead with multiple pressure options will allow you to use the right pressure to massage your scalp, while also removing dead skin from difficult-to-reach areas. 

Popular showerhead options include eco-friendly showerheads that control water use and rain showerheads that simulate the experience of standing in the rain.

In the shower, it’s often a good idea to add a bench or seat that is comfortable to use while bathing. Detachable showerheads pair well with these and have multiple uses like helping to bathe young kids or pets and massaging any sore muscles at the end of a long day.

Instead of a shower caddy, you could add a new set of cabinetry inside the shower so you don’t even have to exit the shower to reach your towel.

Design a Relaxing Space

Redecorating your bathroom is always a nice change. Maybe you’d like to update the decor with current trends or add a few personal touches of art and style. 

Wall art, real or faux plants, and fragrances can really transform a space.

Eucalyptus and lavender are popular plant options since they have a naturally calming aroma. You can even put them directly into the shower for maximum comfort.

If you enjoy taking baths, make sure to incorporate the bathtub into the design.

A vintage bathtub can construct an exciting and stylish atmosphere. 

Custom-made bathtubs allow for easy planning for the spaces around the tub, and you can even add things like jacuzzi jets and a tray table for books, electronic devices, and beverages.

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Written By Jónatan Murali

Born and raised in a family of builders, Jónatan learned the trade at an early age and has since honed his craft, becoming a master in his field. Throughout his career, Jónatan has worked on countless home renovation projects, from small bathroom upgrades to large-scale kitchen remodels. He has a keen eye for design and a passion for creating beautiful, functional living spaces. As a general contractor and a writer, Jónatan is dedicated to delivering high-quality workmanship and engaging content that educates people about the industry. Through his work, he has helped to raise awareness about responsible construction practices and the importance of proper building codes. In his free time John enjoys fishing and long walks with the family dog.

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