5 Indoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Indoor swimming pools can be a unique and inspiring addition to your home for family members at any stage of life.

This includes kids, seniors, and working adults.

It may seem a bit daunting to consider building your own pool, but there are plenty of options to choose from.

Finding the right pool design to meet the needs of your household can make a positive difference in your home and work life.

On that note… Let’s dive into these 5 swimming pool ideas.

1. Athletic Pool Design

An indoor pool is inherently more intimate and personal than an exterior pool, and it is generally designed to suit the personal needs and designers of the homeowner and their household. For those looking strictly for exercise, some indoor pools are designed as a single or double lane.

A lane length is generally 25 yards for sports standards.

Swimming laps is an excellent form of exercise, training your breathing as well as most of the muscles on your body while remaining low impact. This design type is minimal in style but maximal in function. Some indoor pools are used for training in water sports like polo, and the pool shape is usually standard according to the sport.

2. Relaxing Pool Design

Many adults seek a swimming pool or sauna as a form of relaxation. An indoor pool designed for relaxation purposes often has features like seats and jets, such as in a hot tub or jacuzzi, and is made to create a calm atmosphere rather than one that is productive.

The actual design incorporates soft, rounded edges, indoor plants, and cool colors to elevate the space. The lighting for this type of space is key, with simple yet elegant fixtures casting the perfect amount of light.

In the privacy of your home, you could use this type of indoor pool to decrease stress, rest aching joints, or clear your mind for an important day.

3. Nature Pool Design

Some indoor pool owners are more interested in their home’s flow with nature.

(Especially in scenic vacation homes).

This type of indoor pool, while still indoors, is often built to give the pool-goer the best view or, in some cases, the illusion that they are actually outside. This can look like a casita-style greenhouse, with the pool surrounded by glass, or constructed into the side of a residence facing a garden, forest, or mountain range.

Some versions can feature any of the following:

  1. Indoor gardens
  2. Waterfalls
  3. Trees
  4. Rocks or stone paths
  5. And much more!

These features can create a luxurious, magical experience that’s private all to yourself. 

4. Recreational Pool Design

A recreational pool is often the choice for families with kids.

Who doesn’t love a pool with a deep end, a water slide, or a diving board that’s large enough to tire them out in just a few hours?

Plus, there’s no risk of any sun damage, so you don’t have to worry about coercing them into wearing sunscreen. A pool designed for recreation will utilize sturdier materials instead of glass, and may even feature a patio with lounge chairs for those supervising or a fountain or waterfall for both play and aesthetic.

This type of pool is bound to create memories long after summer is over.

5. Artistic Pool Design

For those with sophisticated eyes for visual art, an indoor pool presents itself as a major opportunity for some serious interior design inspiration. A professional interior designer can help you create the perfect ambiance, whether you prefer modern, minimalist, or art-deco styles.

It can be a continuation of an aesthetic you already use in your home, or a space all of its own. Some of the most beautiful homes in the world have pools that feature art pieces like sculptures and wall art, fashionable light fixtures, mosaic patterns in the tile in the pool itself, and creative material pairings, such as wood, marble, or quartz.

Is an Indoor Swimming Pool a Good Idea?

As with any home renovation, you have to first evaluate if an indoor pool is right for you and your family. It’s good to consult with other household members and ask their opinion, such as if any of the pool types listed above would suit the needs or desires for personal space.

The main benefits of an indoor pool include:

  1. Complete privacy.
  2. Year-round access.
  3. Climate-controlled, personalized conditions.

Community pools are shared between strangers and access is limited to days with good weather. At your home indoor pool, you can create the atmosphere that suits you the best for your activities, including temperature control, water temperature control, and aesthetic control.

What are the Problems With Indoor Swimming Pools?

Getting an indoor pool is ultimately a personal decision about the quality of life that you want to create in your home. It involves the needs of the household and is a financial commitment. Indoor pools, like any pool, require consistent maintenance and upkeep, though you don’t have to worry about the debris hazards that outdoor pools face.

Indoor pool maintenance includes filter cleaning, regular oxidation, and pool vacuuming. Because of the chlorine, an indoor pool also requires good ventilation, but that should be built into the overall design. 

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