How to Hire a Home Cleaning Service

Cleaning your home all by yourself can be a time-consuming process. You could end up dedicating an entire day just to deep cleaning one room of your home.

That’s why most people don’t have the time to keep the entirety of their home clean…

Even with extreme dedication, there are spots that you just can’t reach with regular cleaning supplies.

Fortunately, you can always hire a professional house cleaning service. They have access to tools and supplies that make cleaning all the nooks and crannies in your home easy.

But where do you start when it comes to hiring the pros?

There are so many different cleaning companies available that it can be tough to make a decision, so below are some tips to help make the decision-making process a little bit easier.

1. Look for Experience & Reviews

As with any service, you want to hire somebody who has experience. You wouldn’t hire someone who isn’t known for providing quality cleaning.

Reviews can be helpful here. If a cleaner has a lot of reviews, that can paint a clear picture of what to expect if you hire them.

Likewise, a cleaner with little to no reviews could indicate a newer service, or potentially a cleaner that doesn’t do a good job.

2. Interview the Cleaner

Of course, reading reviews won’t always tell you everything about a cleaner. You should reach out to them and ask questions, too.

Some of the questions you should ask the cleaner before making a hiring decision include:

  • How long have you been cleaning homes?
  • What supplies do you use? 
  • How much do you charge per service?
  • What is your typical daily schedule?
  • Do you have terms of service that I can review?


It’s also a good idea to ask if they conduct background checks on their employees. Since the cleaners will be inside your home, you want to be assured that they’re trustworthy.

3. Finalize the Agreement

You’ve found a cleaning service with great reviews. You conducted your own interview, decided that they’re reliable, and are ready to hire them to clean your home.

All that’s left is to finalize the details.

This is the point where you negotiate what time the cleaners will come, what services they will provide, and how much you’ll pay them for their work.

Make a note of which rooms they’re allowed to enter and which rooms are off-limits. If there are any other specifics regarding your furniture, walls or flooring specifications etc.. Make sure to inform them ahead of time.

Most cleaning companies finalize everything in contracts, so keep this in mind. An individual cleaner might not require a contract, so it’s up to you if you want everything in writing in these situations.

Congratulations! You’ve officially hired a home cleaning service!

How Much Does a Home Cleaning Service Cost?

On average, a typical home cleaning service will cost around $160. Of course, the price can vary by cleaner: some might charge as little as $60 for a quick cleaning, or as high as $300 for more thorough services.

Several factors go into the cost of a cleaning service:

  • Area: Most cleaners will charge per square foot. The larger your home, the higher the price.
  • Current Condition: If your house is already fairly clean, then a service won’t be too expensive. However, if the home is dirty or full of clutter, then the cleaners will have more work to do, hence a higher cost.
  • Types of Service: Some services are more expensive than others. Hiring a cleaner to wash your baseboards and windows, for instance, will charge more than a standard vacuuming and cleaning.
  • Location: Cleaning services in urban areas will charge higher fees than cleaners in rural or suburban areas.

How to Prepare for a Cleaner

You can make things easier for the cleaner by preparing for their arrival. This mainly consists of smaller cleaning activities that you would do yourself, to make the house as presentable as possible.

(Essentially, prepare for a cleaner the same way you would prepare for friends or family.)

  1. Making your bed should be one of your priorities. Unless the bedding needs to be washed, the cleaners won’t bother with your bed.
  2. Clean off countertops by moving any decor, furniture or other objects someplace else. This makes it easier for the cleaners to wipe them down if that’s part of the service.
  3. Throw away all your garbage. Cleaners are hired to perform a proper house cleaning, not throw out any lingering trash that inhibits their ability to clean.

Make sure you communicate what you’ll be doing to your cleaner. This gives them a better idea of what to focus on while they clean, and doing a little prep work yourself makes their job that much easier.

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Written By Maurine Emerson

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