Can I Do A Garage Conversion Myself?

Can I Do A Garage Conversion Myself?

There are so many benefits to garage conversions you may want to move your car to the driveway right after reading this article. Here are just a few:

Create a new space for

  • Crafting
  • Music
  • Man Cave
  • Movie Nights
  • Business

So do you want to convert your garage or should you keep it the way it is? Hopefully, we can help you answer those questions. Just keep reading!


  • Home Office Space: When it comes to garage conversions, there are many benefits. Maybe you need a space to work that is quiet and where you can focus. Imagine being able to sit at a comfortable working desk with a cushy office chair. Maybe a warm mug of coffee sits next to you. With a quiet office space, you can easily video chat a client or your boss without the worry that your kid or spouse will interrupt you. You can continue to meet deadlines in a quiet place where the TV isn’t on or where you could hear other background noises.
  • You Can Have Quiet Time: If you need a place that is totally your own, the garage is a perfect place to convert. You can make your own zen garden or a yoga studio. You can create your own musical oasis and display your instruments. You can even create an art studio! The world is your oyster with this DIY project. What will you make?
  • Guest Space: If you live in a home that doesn’t have an extra bedroom for guests it’s a great idea to convert your garage. To create a unique space for your relatives, friends, etc. Makes everyone’s visiting experience so much better. If you regularly host events and get togethers, this is a perfect way to take advantage of garage space.


  • Parking: Clearly, you won’t be able to put your car in the garage after you convert it into an extra bedroom, craft space, or even home gym. If you have a driveway, your car will have to stay out there all the time, rain or shine. If you don’t have a driveway, that might be even worse. Street parking can often be dangerous in any neighborhood.
  • Hot and Cold: Air conditioning and heat don’t usually route through garages. There are some simple solutions for this like a space heater or plug-in air-conditioning unit. If you live in a frigid or hot climate this could be a bigger, more expensive problem than you think. Use your best judgement.
  • Storage Shortage: You may have a new room but you might not have your ‘catch-all’ storage space. Do you have a ton of boxes in your garage? Old bikes piling up and things you never unpacked from the move definitely live in the garage. Finding a new home for them might be a good thing though. If you convert your garage you will be forced to deal with your clutter! Hey, just Marie Kondo it!

Legal Eagle

Zoning laws vary from state to state and city to city. Check your local zoning laws online or call the zoning department. The employees at these places can tell you if your garage conversion is legal or not. If it isn’t your journey stops here or you’ll be hit with tons of fees from your municipality. If they give you the green light it’s time to have fun!

Make Your Garage Conversion FUN! 

Have you ever spent an afternoon on Pinterest looking at garage conversion ideas? If you’re reading this we bet you have. Here are some cool ideas that you can work on as your very own garage designer!

  • Movie Theater: Break out the streaming services and the popcorn! Who doesn’t want their own private theatre. That way, you can talk throughout the movie and not get yelled at! Plus…unlimited snacks are never a bad thing.
  • Garden Oasis: You can make your very own green garage by filling it with beautiful indoor plants. Who needs a tropical getaway when you can get the fill of exotic plants in your own garage?
  • Chic Guest Bedroom: Hotel-style bedding and side tables that charge your phone all-in-one? Sign us up! Make your garage a dream suite for your guests with some thrifty shopping and simple carpet and wall installations.

Can I Convert My Garage Cheaply?

Where there’s a budget, there’s a way! Here are a few tips that can help you save money on your valuable renovation. Some of the things here may suprise you with their cost!

  • Hire a Designer: Did you know there are online design firms that can give you a great rendering to DIY? It’s true! They can compile all of the style elements and even help you pick things like carpets and lighting all from the comfort of your computer. They can even work with your budget, help you order things, and give you documents to help arrange everything. You may not immediately think you can hire a designer for these sorts of things for cheap. But you can!
  • Consult a Contractor: Did you know that most contracting firms will give out recommended information during consultation calls? If you’re planning on doing a complete DIY job, you can call your local contractor and get some professional advice. Do you have any structural damage that will cost an unforeseen amount? Do you have to have a contractor complete the job because of other challenges? These are things contractors can advise you on.
  • Make Pinterest Boards: Who doesn’t love getting ideas from the aesthetic paradise of Pinterest? Spend an evening dreaming about your space and then move to your budget! With an aesthetic picked out in advance
  • Never Go to the Hardware Store Without a List: Simple – if you go to a store without a list you end up either forgetting something or buying something you don’t need. Prevent both and make a list on your phone or paper.
  • Shop Around: Did you know that Big Lots has incredible outdoor furniture that is way more affordable than in most stores. Check out places like Big LotsWalmart, and even Dollar Tree (for smaller accessories and decorations).

Can You Give Me More Room Ideas?

Duh! We’re obsessed with the converted garage. It’s becoming really popular in overpopulated major cities. Homeowners are taking their garages and turning them into full guest suites with private entrances to rent out.

With the economy and housing markets this is a tactical way of making a little extra money on your property. Here are the rest of the ideas:

  • Rental property
  • In-Law suite
  • Home Gym
  • Art Studio
  • Music Room/Recording Studio
  • Indoor Garden
  • Home Office
  • Zen/Yoga Room

Can I Reverse the Process if I End Up Hating My Conversion?

Of course, anything can be rebuilt. Can your budget withstand this decision? If not you should definitely think twice about creating a garage utility space. 

Parting Advice

To sum it all up make sure to consult a contractor, check your zoning laws, do your research, and most of all have fun when considering a garage conversion. Don’t be intimidated by the project. Everything is buildable and rebuildable, however; you must make sure the project is in your budget.

More likely than not, if you’ve read this article all the way through you really want to do this project. So – we’re not worried! Make sure to follow your local rules, do your research, keep things safe, and above all have fun! Happy DIY’ing.

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